A New Benchmark for Abstract Diagram Understanding
and Visual Language Reasoning


What is IconQA?


Current visual question answering (VQA) tasks mainly consider answering human-annotated questions for natural images in the daily-life context. In this work, we propose a new challenging benchmark, icon question answering (IconQA), which aims to highlight the importance of abstract diagram understanding and comprehensive cognitive reasoning in real-world diagram word problems. For this benchmark, we build up a large-scale IconQA dataset that consists of three sub-tasks: multi-image-choice, multi-text-choice, and filling-in-the-blank. Compared to existing VQA benchmarks, IconQA requires not only perception skills like object recognition and text understanding, but also diverse cognitive reasoning skills, such as geometric reasoning, commonsense reasoning, and arithmetic reasoning.


IconQA provides diverse visual question answering questions that require:

  • basic common sense knowledge
  • comprehensive visual reasoning skills
  • abstract diagram recognition

There are three different sub-tasks in IconQA:

  • 57,672 image choice MC questions
  • 31,578 text choice MC questions
  • 18,189 fill-in-the-blank questions

The IconQA dataset can be accessed here.



In addition to IconQA, we also present Icon645, a large-scale dataset of icons that cover a wide range of objects:

  • 645,687 colored icons
  • 377 different icon classes

Check out the dataset here.


Our dataset is distributed under the CC BY-NC-SA (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike) license, which allows anyone to use our dataset for free under the following terms:

If you agree with the terms listed above, you can download our datasets below:

Or check out our github repository.


If the paper or the dataset inspires you, please cite us:

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